Heidegger in Alaska

 Imprinting the previously
 Unprinted woods, a philosopher breaks
 The thin fibers of a spider's web.
 Spinney club moss
 Carpets the understory
 Of the ancient forest.
 Ferns unfurl
 To their fullest. White trillium
 And pink lady slippers embody a scent
 Of abstract perfume. The philospher reaches the last
 Wooden plank laid across mud by a human hand.
 Rotten wood sinks. The philospher leaps
 Into the applause
 Of a forest of gloves.

Foucault's Chair

 Condemn the chair to death
 Blindfold it
 Point a gun at its head
 Take aim
 Don't shoot
 Untie the blindfold
 Tell the chair its free to go.

Anne Zuckerman

Created 1999/11/15
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