Insight Into That Which Is [76–77]

as world remains refused in the requisitioning of the standing reserve, do we remark that all mere willing and doing in the manner of requisitioning only perpetuates the unguarding. Likewise all mere ordering of the world as represented by universal historiology remains truthless and without purchase. All mere chasing of the future in order to calculate its image by extrapolating a half-thought present into what is veiled in its coming, this all still moves within the bearing of a technological-calculating conception. All attempts to reckon up the presiding actuality, whether morphologically, psychologically in terms of decay and loss, in terms of disaster and catastrophe, of downfall, are all only instances of a technological behavior. It acts through an apparatus for the enumeration of symptoms, the stock of which can be endlessly increased and varied ever anew. These analyses of the situation do not note that they only work in the sense and manner of a technological disassembly, and that they thus deliver to technological consciousness the historiological-technological presentation of what occurs in the manner that befits it. Yet no historiological conception of history as occurrence brings in the fitting [schicklichen] relation to destiny.

Everything merely technological never reaches into the essence of technology. It is not even capable of knowing its vestibule. Thus in attempting to say the insight into that which is, we are not describing the situation of the times. Rather, the constellation of beyng should speak to us.

But we do not yet hear it, we whose hearing and sight deteriorate under the dominance of technology by means of radio and film. The constellation of beyng is the refusal of world as the unguarding of the thing.5 Refusal6 is not nothing, it is the highest secret of beyng within the dominance of positionality.

Whether the God lives or remains dead is not decided by the religiosity of humans and even less by the theological aspirations of philosophy and natural science. Whether God is God, this takes place from and within the constellation of beyng. As long as we do not thoughtfully experience what is, we can never belong to what will be [was seyn wird].

Does the insight into that which is take place?

5. forgetting of the differentiation; language

6. relationship [Ver-Hältnis]

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