The Turn [75–76]

name our inspection of the being, insight as flashing entry is the appropriative event of the constellation of the turn in the essence of beyng itself in the epoch of positionality. By no means is that which is the being. For the “it is” and the “is” are only avowed of the being insofar as the being is addressed in respect to its being. “Being” is uttered in the “is”; that which is, in the sense that it constitutes the being of beings, is being.

The requisitioning of positionality places itself before the thing, leaving it unguarded as thing, truthless. Thus positionality disguises the nearing nearness of the world in the thing. Positionality even disguises this, its disguising, just as the forgetting of something is itself forgotten and drawn away in the wake of forgetfulness. The event of forgetfulness does not only allow a lapse into concealment, but rather this lapsing itself lapses into concealment along with it, which itself even falls away with this fall.

And nevertheless—in all this disguising of positionality, the glimmer of world still lights up, the truth of beyng flashes. Namely when positionality in its essence as the danger is lit up. Even in positionality as an essential destiny of being there essences a light from the flash of beyng. Positionality, although veiled, is still a glance, not a blind destiny in the sense of a completely oppressive doom.

Insight into that which is—thus is named the lightning flash of the truth of beyng into truthless being.

When insight takes place then the humans are struck to their essence by the lightning flash of beyng. The humans are what is caught sight of in the insight.

Only when the human essence, as what is caught sight of in the appropriative event of insight, disavows human stubbornness and casts itself before this insight, throwing its stubbornness away, only then does the human correspond in his essence to the claim of the insight. The human is suited for corresponding in this way in that he looks toward the divinities as one of the mortals from the guarded element of the world. Other than this it does not happen; for even God, if he exists, is a being and as a being stands in beyng and its essence, which itself takes place from the worlding of the world.

Only when insight takes place does the essence of technology light up as positionality, do we recognize how the truth of beyng

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