Insight Into That Which Is [74–75]

itself essences as the essence of technology. The essence of technology is positionality. The entrance, as event of the turn of forgetting, enters into what is now the epoch of beyng. That which is, is in no way this or that being. What authentically is—and this means properly dwelling and essencing in the Is—is solely beyng. Only beyng “is,” only in beyng and as beyng does there take place what the “is” names; that which is, is beyng from out of its essence.

“To flash” [blitzen], according to the word and the issue at stake, is to glance [blicken]. In the glance [im Blick] and as the glance, what is essencing enters into its own illumination. Through the element of its illumination, the glance shelters back in the glancing whatever it catches sight of; at the same time, glancing likewise guards in illumination the hidden darkness of its provenance as what is unilluminated. Entrance [Einkehr] of the lightning flash of the truth of being is insight [Einblick]. We thought the truth of beyng in the worlding of world as the mirror-play of the fourfold of sky and earth, mortals and divinities. When forgetfulness turns, when the world as guardian of the essence of beyng makes its entrance, there takes place the flashing entry [Einblitz] of world into the unguarding of the thing. This takes place in the manner of the dominance of positionality. The flashing entry of the world in positionality is the flashing entry of the truth of beyng into unguarded being [das wahrlose Sein]. Flashing entry is the event of appropriation in beyng itself.

Insight into that which is—this title now names the event of the turn in beyng, the turn from the refusal of its essence into the event of its guardianship.4 Insight into that which is is the appropriative event itself, as which the truth of beyng relates itself to unguarded beyng and stands by it. Insight into that which is—this names the constellation in the essence of beyng. This constellation is the dimension in which beyng essences as the danger. At first and almost to the very end it appeared as though “insight into that which is” signified only a glance that we humans cast forth from ourselves to that which is. “That which is” one customarily takes as a particular being, for indeed the “is” is said of beings. But now everything has turned. Insight does not

4. relationship [Ver-Hältnis]

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