264 I. 6
Being and Time

(1) To Dasein's state of Being, disclosedness in general essentially belongs. It embraces the whole of that structure-of-Being which has become explicit through the phenomenon of care. To care belongs not only Being-in-the-world but also Being alongside entities within-the-world. The uncoveredness of such entities is equiprimordial with the Being of Dasein and its disclosedness.

(2) To Dasein's state of Being belongs thrownness; indeed it is constitutive for Dasein's disclosedness. In thrownness is revealed that in each case Dasein, as my Dasein and this Dasein, is already in a definite world and alongside a definite range of definite entities within-the-world.1 Disclosedness is essentially factical.

(3) To Dasein's state of Being belongs projection—disclosive Being towards its potentiality-for-Being. As something that understands, Dasein can understand itself in terms of the 'world' and Others or in terms of its ownmost potentiality-for-Being.2 The possibility just mentioned means that Dasein discloses itself to itself in and as its ownmost potentiality-for Being. This authentic disclosedness shows the phenomenon of the most primordial truth in the mode of authenticity. The most primordial, and indeed the most authentic, disclosedness in which Dasein, as a potentiality- for-Being, can be, is the truth of existence. This becomes existentially and ontologically definite only in connection with the analysis of Dasein's authenticity.

(4) To Dasein's state of Being belongs falling. Proximally and for the most part Dasein is lost in its 'world'. [222] Its understanding, as a projection upon possibilities of Being, has diverted itself thither. Its absorption in the "they" signifies that it is dominated by the way things are publicly interpreted. That which has been uncovered and disclosed stands in a mode in which it has been disguised and closed off by idle talk, curiosity, and ambiguity. Being towards entities has not been extinguished, but it has been uprooted. Entities have not been completely hidden; they are precisely the sort of thing that has been uncovered, but at the same time they have been disguised . They show themselves, but in the mode of semblance. Likewise what has formerly been uncovered sinks back again, hidden and disguised. Because Dasein is essentially falling, its state of Being is such that it is in 'untruth'. This term, like the expression 'falling', is here used ontologically. If we are to use it in existential analysis, we must

1 'In ihr enthüllt sich, dass Dasein je schon a1s meines und dieses in einer bestimmten Welt und bei einem bestimmten Umkreis von bestimmten innerweltlichen Seienden ist.'

2 '... der Entwurf: das erschliessende Sein zu seinem Seinkonnen. Dasein kann sich als verstehendes aus der "Welt" und den Anderen her verstehen oder aus seinem eigensten Seinkonnen.' The earlier editions have a full stop after 'Entwurf' rather than a colon, and introduce 'das' with a capital. The grammatical function of 'als versteheodes' seems ambiguous.

Being and Time (M&R) by Martin Heidegger