Enframing Heidegger

This is a chronology of Heidegger's life. It is based on information found in books referenced in my bibliography. The original German titles are used for lectures and publications. The GA number following a title refers to that title's volume number in the collected works, the Gesamtausgabe. Some titles there are linked to references of their English translations. Be aware that Heidegger sometimes used the same title for a course, an essay, or a lecture. For a more complete listing of Heidegger's lectures and seminars try the GAapp Lehre tab.

Summer semesters were typically May through July, and winter semesters November through February, with a month off for Christmas.

Heidegger Chronology

Thanks to Frank Edler, Michael Fitzgerald, Daniel Ferrer, mgaida, Cameron McEwen, and Michael Tweed for corrections and additions.

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