To the flight from the ownmost belongs not only evading oneself in the sense of mere self-forgottenness. Rather, the self can be sought and protected thoroughly, nurtured and heightened, and nonetheless man flees from what is ownmost to him.

55. Be-ing and Man

Be-ing depends on man. That means: the sway of be-ing reaches unto itself and falls into the loss of the ownmost depending on whether man's ownmost — man's relation to being — is fundamental to man and is the ground of "humanity". Thereupon, be-ing is delivered over to man, in each case to his ownmostness. But how is this?

Is be-ing thereby at man's beck and call, or does man merely fall victim to his un-ownmostness, the un-ownmostness which is a counterpart of be-ing, a counterpart of the refusal?

But how then does be-ing depend on man? Be-ing tolerates this dependence in that be-ing as enowning grants the enowned (the allotted unto the belongingness to be-ing) a freedom that is to be grounded first through a relation to being. Here freedom becomes self-determination whereby [G140] the self as the already extant (i.e., the rational that represents and produces beings) is nevertheless opted upon by willing and planning. Thereupon, freedom amounts to giving up the freedom instantly and finally, because everything here is decided by renouncing the inquiry into the ownmost of the self — ownmost in the sense of belongingness to being: man 'closes' himself 'off' to the truth of being and its question-worthiness.

However, unnoticeably, this 'closing oneself off' to the truth of being becomes falsified into 'letting oneself into', and 'freeing oneself for' the pursuit of beings ("world") whose midpoint (that is, laid as the ground) becomes and remains the subject.

The more beings are taken as actual, the more effective must also the "subject" become, and by the same token the less the "spirit", and the "knowing-awareness" and knowledge. And the more effective the "subjectW becomes, the more fulfilled by life ("body" and "soul") the "subject" would be comporting itself, so that one day "life puts itself on the same plane as 'beings in the whole' and determines man's ownmost as life and from out of "life".