§169 [123–124]

12. The inceptuality of the event and the enduring of the difference.

D. Enduring as suffering. Its suffering is the experience of departure.

13. The essence of experience.

14. Event and experience.

15. The experience of the history of beyng—this experience as the essence of inceptual thinking.

E. The differentiation and metaphysics.

16. The differentiation of the τί ἐστιν and the ὅτι ἔστιν. The priority of οὐσία: the relation of whatness and thatness. Cf. On the history of the concept of existence {in GA80}.

17. The indeterminateness of the differentiation of beingness and beings in the vacillation of speech, which now designates beings as “being,” “that which is,” and now designates “being” as merely beings themselves.

18. The differentiation and the apriori—the question of possibility, the sensory—the supersensory, the hither side and the thither side; “transcendence” (Cf. The twisting free of metaphysics, ms. p. 19ff. {in GA67, p. 24ff.})

F. The essence of the difference.

19. The difference is a matter of the event (the resonating of the turning).

20. The difference and Da-seyn (the in-between).

21. Da-seyn and the appropriation of the human being.

22. The distinctiveness of the human being as the historiality of the history of beyng.

23. The difference and the opening up of the levels of beings (in each case, historial); at first the human being simply follows concomitantly under beings; animal—rationale.

24. The “ontological difference” [Differenz] in Being and Time as the first reference to the difference [Unterschied] as such. The thrown projection of being; i.e., the appropriation into the truth of beyng.

25. The dispropriation and the abandonment of beings by being.

G. The difference and the first beginning.

εἶναι and τὰ ὄντα

ἀλήθεια—τὰ δοκοῦντα

How in this way the difference is experienced, although remaining ungrounded. The double danger facing us: that we either misinterpret the difference metaphysically or “subjectivize” it in terms of modes of representation!!