The Fourfold

Reading the Late Heidegger

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The Fourfold Seminar

Reading the Late Heidegger


Andrew J. Mitchell

March 27-29, 2017


9:30-12:30, 14:00-16:00

Thinkspace, Redmond, Washington


A three-day intensive workshop of morning lectures and afternoon seminars focusing on the key texts of Heidegger's fourfold: "The Thing," "Language," and "Building Dwelling Thinking." All texts available in English and German. Previously untranslated material by Heidegger on the fourfold will also be distributed to participants in English and German.

A seminar, as the word implies, is a place and an opportunity to sow a seed here and there, a seed of thinking which some time or other may bloom in its own way and bring forth fruit.

Identity and Difference

Andrew J. Mitchell

Andrew is associate professor at the department of philosophy at Emory University. He is the author of The Fourfold (2015) and Heidegger Among the Sculptors (2010), the translator of Bremen and Freiburg Lectures (2012), and On Hegel's Philosophy of Right (2014), co-translator with François Raffoul of Four Seminars (2003), and is translating Leitgedanken zur Entstehung der Metaphysik, der neuzeitlichen Wissenschaft und der modernen Technik (GA 76) and Vier Hefte (GA 99). Andrew has also written about Bataille, Fassbinder, Derrida and Joyce, and translated Heidegger and the Myth of a Jewish World Conspiracy by Peter Trawny. He has been a guest on Entitled Opinions discussing Heidegger twice and Nietzsche. He lead the Institute for Hermeneutic Phenomenology's annual seminar from 2010-15.

Heidegger understands these things in terms of what he names “the fourfold”—a convergence of relationships bringing together the earth, the sky, divinities, and mortals—and Mitchell’s book is the first detailed exegesis of this neglected aspect of Heidegger’s later thought. As such it provides entrée to the full landscape of Heidegger’s postwar thinking, offering striking new interpretations of the atomic bomb, technology, plants, animals, weather, time, language, the holy, mortality, dwelling, and more.

The lectures given in Bremen constitute the first public lectures Heidegger delivered after World War II, when he was officially banned from teaching. Here, Heidegger openly resumes thinking that deeply engaged him with Hölderlin's poetry and themes developed in his earlier works. In the Freiburg lectures Heidegger ponders thought itself and freely engages with the German idealists and Greek thinkers who had provoked him in the past.

In Four Seminars, Heidegger reviews the entire trajectory of his thought and offers unique perspectives on fundamental aspects of his work. First published in French in 1976, these seminars were translated into German with Heidegger’s approval and reissued in 1986 as part of his Gesamtausgabe, volume 15. Topics considered include the Greek understanding of presence, the ontological difference, the notion of system in German Idealism, the power of naming, the problem of technology, danger, and the event.

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